Ambassador Logsdon announces $30 million in U.S. assistance for refugee relief efforts in the Republic of Moldova

Bună ziua și mulțumesc pentru că ne sunteți astăzi alături. Sunt onorat să fiu aici la Centrul Fides și îmi exprim recunoștința pentru nobila muncă pe care o depun împreună organizațiile americane și moldovenești în abordarea crizei refugiaților.

The United States and the Republic of Moldova have built a strong partnership over the last 30 years.  That partnership has never been more important than it is today.

I just had the chance to tour this facility. I got to see the work that Catholic Relief Services, a U.S. NGO, has been doing since the earliest days of the crisis in coordination with Moldovan partners. This is an impressive example of the good things the United States and the Republic of Moldova can do together.

I am glad to have with me today Britton Buckner from Catholic Relief Services, Edward Lucaci, the Director of Caritas Moldova, and Elena Ajder, Director, of the FIDES center here. Thank you for all the work you’re doing.

When Secretary of State Blinken was here just two weeks ago, he assured President Sandu that Moldova’s partners in the United States would continue to help you respond to this crisis.

Today we are starting to deliver on that promise.  I am proud to announce that the United States has pledged nearly $300 million in humanitarian assistance, both inside Ukraine and for the region.  And the United States is now investing more than $30 million dollars in Moldova over the next six months to assist refugee relief efforts like those we saw here today.  Specifically, the U.S. Government, through the Department of State, is providing $8.3 million dollars of these funds to support Catholic Relief Services’ work here in Moldova. USAID will be providing additional assistance very shortly as well.

In partnership with the Government of the Republic of Moldova and international relief organizations, we will use these funds to help organizations deliver critical relief services such as bedding and hygiene items as well as hot meals at shelters like this all around the country.

In addition, we are going to assist organizations in transportation for refugees transiting through Moldova, and help provide protection for vulnerable persons among the refugees. We will support organizations to provide legal aid, health care, and psycho-social support.  And we hope our funding will also help humanitarian organizations maintain contact between family members who have been separated due to the conflict.

In the month that has passed since Russia began its unjustified invasion of Ukraine, the people of Moldova have opened their hearts and their homes to help refugees forced to flee. The government and the people of the Republic of Moldova should be very proud of your response to this crisis.  It’s really inspirational.

I am here to remind everyone that Moldova should not have to bear this burden alone.  Just as we have been for the last 30 years, the people of the United States are honored to partner with the people of Moldova at this challenging and important moment.