Ambassador Logsdon’s Remarks at the Arts in the Embassy Reception

November 10, 2022

Thank you for coming tonight to celebrate the art that unites our two cultures.

One of the most exciting programs for U.S. Ambassadors abroad is called Art in Embassies.  We, as ambassadors, get to choose art that we consider most meaningful to exhibit it in our residences.  The Art in Embassies Program blends art, diplomacy, and culture.

On the walls of my home, you will see 21 works from the program. My wife Michelle and I both grew up in Pennsylvania, and the works by eight American artists remind us of our home.  They reflect our experiences but even more importantly, we feel these works will resonate strongly with Moldovans who will recognize much of their own lives in these paintings.

Please feel free to walk around to see all of the paintings.  I hope that after experiencing these examples of American art that you will gain a new understanding of the United States and of all the many different people who call themselves Americans.  You will find catalogues about the display and the artists on tables in the foyer.  Please feel free to keep them as a memento of your tour. 

It is a special treat to be able to include works from the collection of American artist Reina 76.  Her art evokes Pennsylvania and its historic role in promoting freedom and democracy in the founding of the United States. 
We are honored to have Reina with us here tonight.  Reina, I am deeply grateful for your willingness to lend your works so that they could be exhibited here in Moldova and for accepting our invitation to be the guest of honor at this reception.