Ambassador Logsdon’s remarks at the ceremony hosted by the Ukrainian Embassy to mark the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine

February 24, 2023

Good morning. Ambassador Shevchenko, thank you for gathering us all here on this solemn day.
Доброго ранку! Пане Посол Шевченко, дякую, що зібрали нас усіх тут у цей важливий день.

To my fellow Ambassadors, thank you for your presence and for the solidarity you and your nations have all shown with Ukraine.

One year ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked, full-scale invasion of Moldova’s neighbor, Ukraine. Russia’s horrifying violence has killed thousands and destroyed entire cities. It has separated families and driven millions from their homes.  As President Biden said, it is abhorrent.

Putin expected a quick victory, but he underestimated the resolve and capability of the people of Ukraine to defend their country, their democracy, and their freedom. He also underestimated the United States’ resolve and the unwavering unity of allies and partners to stand with Ukraine as long as it takes.

Earlier this week, President Biden traveled to Kyiv to reinforce that message of resolve and tell the people of Ukraine that the United States stands with them.  Then in Poland, he hailed President Sandu in his historic speech when he said: “I am proud to stand with you and the freedom loving people of Moldova.”

I am here today to reiterate the President’s message: The United States is committed to Ukraine, and we are committed to the Republic of Moldova.  Сполучені Штати зобовязуються допомогaти Україні та Республіці Молдова.

Together with allies and partners, we’ve provided billions of dollars to Moldova and Ukraine in response.

President Putin has demonstrated no interest in meaningful diplomacy. Russia and Russia alone can end this war, and they can do it today. We echo President Zelenskyy’s calls for a just and durable peace – one that recognizes and respects Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence.

Thank you. Slava Ukraini!