Ambassador Logsdon’s Remarks at the KFOR Deployment Ceremony for the 8th Moldovan Army Contingent

January 13, 2023

Minister Nosatîi, Brigadier General Ohladciuc, distinguished guests, good morning. It is an honor to wish these soldiers success on their upcoming deployment to KFOR, an important peacekeeping operation in Kosovo.

This deployment marks Moldova’s 18th rotation to KFOR in Kosovo, at a time when peacekeeping efforts in the Balkans are critical. Moldova’s trained and mission-ready forces will join over 3,500 troops from 26 partner countries in Kosovo.

I would like to thank Minister Nosatîi and the staff at the Ministry of Defense for making Moldova’s contribution to a peaceful Europe possible. Additionally, the Italian Army has been a steadfast partner to the Moldovan National Army and I want to thank the Italian Ambassador for his nation’s support.

To the 41 soldiers set to depart tomorrow morning for your mission – you have the honor of representing the Moldovan Armed Forces abroad. You will demonstrate the skills, professionalism, and dedication expected from every soldier. The experience you will gain will improve your country’s ability to defend its neutrality, as Moldova rises to meet challenges that threaten the region’s peace and stability.

The United States is proud to work with Moldova as it addresses the challenges of today while building a more democratic, prosperous, and secure future. Contributing to international security is a noble duty and a key element of building that future for Moldova.  Thank you.