Ambassador Logsdon’s Remarks at the MediaCor American Pavilion Launch

November 10, 2022

Good afternoon, President Sandu and distinguished guests and partners, and thank you for joining us for the official launch of the MediaCor American Pavilion!  I am thrilled to be here to celebrate this milestone and to see the completion of this critical space, which completes the Mediacor infrastructure that so many of you have contributed to over the last four years.

Thank you, Minister Prodan and Minister Topală, for believing in this center and backing its creation.

Thank you to Rector Șarov and the State University for hosting us today, housing this ambitious project, and contributing funding, management, and oversight to Mediacor, including the American pavilion.

The United States is proud to have contributed more than $1 million toward the construction of the American Pavilion where we’re gathered today.  We have been firm believers in the power of Mediacor from the very beginning.  This latest investment, funded by the U.S. State Department, through the Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section, ensures that the facilities here are the top of the line.

We are proud of the role MediaCor is already playing in the digital media and creative industry of Moldova.  This is thanks to the original investment by the U.S. government through USAID, with contributions by UKAIDand the Embassy of Sweden, and was made possible by the commitment of the COR association.

This new pavilion represents another incredible step forward to expand a key sector of the Moldovan economy and provide new professional opportunities for Moldova’s most creative and talented people.

With this new filming space that meets international industry standards, MediaCor is now fully equipped to attract media productions from within Moldova and elsewhere.

And with state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips, students at Moldova State will have the opportunity to learn everything they need to know to succeed in this growing industry.

Moldova now has all the right ingredients to truly become a leader in this industry. This means good paying jobs and great opportunities for young people to stay in Moldova and build something lasting.

And we are seeing exciting developments already emerging from the digital media ecosystem – like the international acclaim and awards for Moldovan film projects like the Poor Dove and Carbon.

So, we are excited about today’s opening ceremony, but even more excited to see the great things that will be produced at this world class facility.

With that, I would like to again thank President Sandu for being here as we celebrate the opening of the American Pavilion at Mediacor, and to welcome the President to the stage!

Thank you.