Ambassador Logsdon’s remarks at the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Together4Home Affairs policy strategy launching event


Buna Ziua! Thank you Minister Revenco, distinguished colleagues, for the opportunity to join you today in support of the ministry’s new strategy.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs plays a critical role not only in maintaining internal security but also providing border security and emergency response, areas that are front and center today in the hearts and minds not only of the people and the elected leaders of Moldova, but also of Moldova’s friends and partners.

The eyes of the world are on Moldova at this challenging time, and they are witnessing Moldova’s success in welcoming in dignity and protecting your neighbors fleeing the war in Ukraine. I want to offer our particular appreciation for the ministry’s efficient management of the nearly 400,000 refugees who have arrived, all while at the same time continuing to maintain security along Moldova’s borders and public order across the country.

It is a true testament to the will and strength and generosity of the Moldovan people that you have been able to help your neighbors when they needed it most.

These are the same Moldovan people who expressed clearly last year their demand for change – for the reforms and changes needed to make Moldova the well-functioning democracy its people deserve, with a government and civil institutions that faithfully serve the people’s interests and not those of a few oligarchs.

We are determined to support our Moldovan partners to – while managing the refugee situation – simultaneously keep up the momentum on the important reforms and developments needed to accomplish these goals including rooting out corruption, improving digitalization, and increasing the capacity of law enforcement.

That’s why I am so pleased to learn more today about your ministry’s strategy for the ministry for the coming years, and I assure you, Madam Minister, that the U.S. government is here to support you as we have throughout the past 30 years of our relationship.