Ambassador Logsdon’s Remarks at the Moldova Energy Security Activity funding announcement event

Deputy Prime Minister Spinu, ladies and gentlemen.  Today, I am pleased to announce an additional $42 million U.S. investment in Moldova’s energy future. This additional funding, via the USAID Moldova Energy Security Activity, or MESA, will support Moldova’s energy sector to address the current challenges and support the development of a clean and secure energy future.  Combined with the United States’ initial investment of $17 million in March, MESA will now leverage nearly $60 million to advance an independent, sustainable, and clean energy sector.

Moldova is facing serious energy security challenges due to 30 years of reliance on Russian gas and electricity. To counter this challenge, the United States and the Government of Moldova are working in partnership toward a common vision: To solve the immediate energy crisis that Moldovans are facing today, create lasting energy security from diversified sources, and transition to a clean energy future. 

With continued support, Moldova can leverage hundreds of millions of dollars invested in local renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.  This will help Moldova meet the European clean energy standards, as well as produce reliable and affordable electricity for its citizens and businesses.  

Since its inception in March, MESA has helped Moldova accomplish significant progress.  This includes facilitating agreements to start the flow of gas to Moldova via the Trans-Balkan pipeline, and helping Energocom register in Romania to enable it to trade on energy markets.   

This new funding will allow MESA to procure new technology solutions. This includes drones to enhance Moldelectrica’s maintenance practices and identify operational risks rapidly. It includes upgraded information and communication systems to improve cybersecurity and communication with neighboring transmission system operators. And it includes battery storage systems to help Moldova integrate more renewable energy projects.

Right now, MESA is working with hospitals, energy, and water supply companies to procure emergency generators to address short-term electricity supply needs. MESA will also complete energy efficiency upgrades of buildings, and build capacity within the sector through its gender workforce accelerated program and young professional internships.  

I am confident that this partnership will enable a clean, affordable, and secure energy secure future for all the people of Moldova.

Thank you.