Ambassador Pettit’s Message

Ambassador Pettit with a Christmas tree.#AmbPettit: As we conclude a challenging year, I want to say to each of you, that despite its problems, Moldova has immense potential.  Your resources, your human capital, your spirit of creativity and hard work – subtract the  problems (which are well-known by all), and Moldova could be a prosperous, democratic, European country in a stunningly short period of time.  Don’t let a handful of individuals stand in the way of your success.  Hold your leaders accountable to the highest standards – they are, after all, supposed to be serving the citizens of this country.  Demand that they act #ForTheMoldovanPeople.  The roadmap is clear: get back on track with the EU Association Agreement, stamp out corruption, and address economic vulnerabilities.

The United States will always remain a friend and partner of the Moldovan people, and I wish you, the Moldovan people, a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead.  As we go into 2016, the year when you will mark 25 years of independence, let’s all focus on how we each can #MakeADifference #ForMoldova.  I fully believe that we could see a successful Moldova in the foreseeable future, but this period may be the turning point for your country.  Don’t lose the opportunity.