Ambassador’s Message on the Occasion of World Press Freedom Day

May 3, 2018

Dear Members of the Moldovan Media:

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, thank you for the essential service you provide to Moldova.  An independent and pluralistic media environment is essential to the effective functioning of a representative and democratic government.  You contribute greatly to Moldova’s continued path toward reform by holding elected leaders accountable to their constituents.

As we prepare for the upcoming elections, I encourage you to ask the difficult questions to which the public deserves answers, no matter whom they might make uncomfortable.  Give every candidate, party, and policy proposal the scrutiny the public deserves.  Ensure that the public has access to information on the parties and candidates.  Tell the truth as you find it without omission, and if you find yourself the target of unjust pressure to censor your reporting, speak out.  The United States supports media freedom around the world, including in Moldova, and we will continue to closely follow cases of intimidation or repression, we will continue to press for judicial independence and prosecution of crimes against journalists, and we will intercede when and how we can, as appropriate.

Your fellow citizens are relying on you to ensure they have the information needed to make the hard choices of who best represents their interests, and I encourage you to meet that need swiftly, enthusiastically, bravely, and above all, objectively.


James D. Pettit, Ambassador