American English Webinar Announcement

American English Webinars

Dear Teachers of English,

This is an announcement for a new series of “American English Webinars” for EFL teachers to share with your colleagues! We encourage teachers to hold group viewing sessions- please let us know if you’re interested. These slots are offered on a first come, first serve basis!

In brief, this webinar series is a professional development program for English teachers around the globe that addresses methodological topics that foster interactive, student-centered language instruction.

  • Each 60-minute webinar is a live, interactive online seminar
  • Topics are selected based on a needs analyses of current issues in global English teaching
  • Presenters are American English teaching specialists
  • Participants receive practical and adaptable classroom ideas related to each topic

If interested, please send a message with your CV to, reserving your slot by close of business (COB) December 19, 2016.

Please mention whether you prefer to watch the sessions individually or leading a viewing group.

As we have a limited number of slots, we’ll distribute the available slots on a first come, first serve basis. For those of you who will actively view the webinars, we’ll give certificates of course completion.

Below you can see the planned webinar topics, names of presenters and the dates:

Fun with Grammar – Bringing Language Learning to Life through Games – Presenters: Kate Bain and Lauren Whitaker – Wednesday January 18, 2017

Using News Sources to Enhance Learning in the EFL Classroom – Presenter: Eve Nora Litt – Wednesday February 1, 2017

Voice of America: Current Event Activities in the English Language Classroom – Presenter: Phil Dierking – Wednesday February 15, 2017

Using Visual Literacy Skills to Encourage Communicative Language Practice – Presenter: Katie Subra – Wednesday March 1, 2017

Learner Training – Developing Student Autonomy to Increase Engagement – Presenter: Maggie Steingraeber – Wednesday March 15, 2017

Photography in ELT:  Engage, Inspire, Create, Learn – Presenter: Crystal Bock Thiessen – Wednesday March 29, 2017