American English Webinars

Dear  Teachers of English,

This ia an announcement for a new series of “American English Webinars”  for EFL teachers to share with your colleagues! We encourage teachers to hold group viewing sessions- please let us know if you’re interested. These slots are offered on a first come, first serve basis !

In brief, this webinar series is a professional development program for English teachers around the globe that addresses methodological topics that foster interactive, student-centered language instruction.

  • Each 60-minute webinar is a live, interactive online seminar
  • Topics are selected based on a needs analyses of current issues in global English teaching
  • Presenters are American English teaching specialists
  • Participants receive practical and adaptable classroom ideas related to each topic

If interested, please send a message with complete contact information to , reserving your slot by close of business (COB) August 28, 2015.

Please mention whether you prefer to watch the sessions individually  or leading a viewing group.

As we have a limited number of slots, we’ll distribute the available slots on a first come, first serve basis. For those of you who will actively view the webinars (at least 3 sessions  out of 5), we’ll give certificates of course completion.

Below you can see the planned webinar topics, names of presenters and the dates:

  • Social Media as a Tool for Community Engagement: Connecting your Classroom Locally and Globally – Presenter: Eve Smith Wednesday – September 9, 2015
  • Podcasting in the Classroom – Presenter: Jeff Kuhn Wednesday – September 23, 2015  
  • Co-Teaching: Strategies for Sharing and Improving the Teaching Experience – Presenter: Amy Hanna – Wednesday October 7, 2015
  • Learn It! Share It! Using a Variety of Tools for Sharing Best Practices and Materials Across Continents – Presenter: Ryan Brux
  • Building Student Autonomy through Cooperative Classroom Management – Presenter: Gena Rhoades
  •  Making it Meaningful: Bringing Learning to Life with Culturally Relevant Teaching –  Presenter: Tabitha Kidwell –