Announcing the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

The U.S. Embassy Public Diplomacy Section announces an open competition for organizations to submit a statement of interest (SOI) to carry out projects that foster the development and education of civil society in Moldova under the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program.

The Democracy Commission program is a focused yet flexible mechanism that provides seed money for unique and sustainable projects, particularly projects that help develop the capacity of non-governmental organizations in Moldova. The selection of the projects is based on the applicants’ ability to demonstrate concrete achievements that can show impact in a given field or in a specific community.

The submission of the Statement of Interest (SOI) is the first step in a two-step process. Applicants must first submit a concise SOI designed to clearly communicate program idea and objectives. This is not a full proposal. The purpose of the SOI process is to allow applicants to submit program ideas for evaluation prior to requiring the development of a full proposal application. Upon a merit review of eligible SOIs, selected applicants will be invited to expand on their program idea(s) by submitting a full proposal application. Full proposals will go through a second merit review before final funding decision are made.

Priority Region: The Embassy will give priority to projects implemented outside of the major cities of Moldova

Program Objectives:

  • To increase the role of citizen engagement in advocating for accountable governance by partnering with civil society
  • To strengthen key democratic institutions, increasing transparency
  • To develop better governance, accountability and sustainability of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Closing date for applications: December 10, 2021

For more details and application go to: