CDA Hruby Remarks on the Departure Ceremony of the 16th Moldovan Contingent | Jan. 6, 2022

Charge d’Affaires Laura Hruby
Departure Ceremony of the 16th Moldovan Contingent

January 6, 2022; 10:00 AM
Permanent Military Camp (Str. Pietrarilor 3), Chisinau

President Sandu, Minister Nosatii, Colonel Ohladciuc, Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, Soldiers, Diplomatic Corps, distinguished guests, members of the press, ladies, and gentlemen, thank you for this opportunity and good morning. I am honored to be here today as we wish these Soldiers success during their upcoming deployment to Kosovo, where they will continue Moldova’s participation in the NATO led peace support operation KFOR.  

To the officers and soldiers in formation today, you look strong and you look ready for this deployment. The proud formation I see before me today is a testament to Moldova’s commitment to contribute to international peace and security. Additionally, this formation is a testament to the benefits of teamwork and partnership. Peace and security rely on strong partnership. The United States is proud to consider Moldova a valued security partner. As your partner, we will continue to do our part to enable your success.

The peacekeeping operation in Kosovo provides the Moldovan National Army with invaluable international military experience. These experiences enable Moldovan forces to enhance their existing capabilities, increase their level of interoperability with other militaries, and highlight the professionalism of the Moldovan National Army abroad.  Frankly, these experiences make the National Army better at its most important mission of protecting the Republic of Moldova. A trained and mission-ready force is something all Moldovans can be proud of.

Minister Nosatii and Colonel Ohladciuc, the hard work of your commanders, officers, and noncommissioned officers to prepare this contingent is apparent. We applaud the hard work undertaken to prepare this contingent. This sixteenth contingent reflects that Moldova’s National Army is recognized as a qualified and capable force that can be counted upon to contribute to multinational peace support operations, time and time again. We hope to see the National Army continue to expand its international peacekeeping mission set in the near future.

I want to thank the Italian Ministry of Defense and United States European Command for their support to the Moldovan National Army to participate in the Kosovo peacekeeping operation. I also want to thank you Minister Nosatii, your staff at the Ministry of Defense, in addition to the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation, for making Moldova’s participation in this operation possible.  

To the 40 Soldiers set to depart for Kosovo, a substantial investment is being made in you and the Moldovan Armed Forces, which you have the honor to represent. This is an important opportunity for you to demonstrate the type of dedication and professionalism expected of every Moldovan Soldier.  Successful military leaders everywhere, including right here in Moldova, understand the importance of contributing to international security. This is apparent now, more than ever, in today’s security challenges throughout the region. The values shared between our countries and all NATO partners are a powerful force for stability in Europe and throughout the world. In the face of challenges to sovereignty and territorial integrity, we must remain committed to these values, and to our security partnerships. By undertaking this deployment and contributing to partnership, you will have the opportunity to be an ambassador for the proud Republic of Moldova to the international partners you meet. I am certain that the international partners you meet will see the professionalism of this National Army in your demeanor and actions.  I urge you to make the most of this opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you home safely, hopefully during more pleasant weather.

I wish you the best of health and the best of luck in your mission…thank you again for your service, your commitment, and your courage. Drum Bun