Chargé d’ Affaires Hruby Remarks at the Equipment Delivery Ceremony

August 4, 2023

Good morning, Minister Nosatîi, General Ohladciuc, Representatives Lamborn, Moulton, and Mace, distinguished guests:

For 31 years the United States has stood by the Republic of Moldova on its path to secure and defend its sovereignty. The United States through United States European Command has provided $123 million in equipment, and $36 million in humanitarian assistance, to Moldova since independence. We have also provided education, training, and exercise opportunities to the Moldovan National Army. We have delivered vehicles, radios, simulators, body armor, and other specialized equipment.

The most recent delivery, which arrived earlier this week, is part of an agreement signed in 2019 for the U.S. to help Moldova modernize its military. This symbolizes our enduring support to the Moldovan people. I am delighted that we have with us today three members of the U.S. Congress, which has made this assistance a reality.

The donation of new equipment allows Moldova to better organize, train, and equip its forces.  By modernizing its military, Moldova is better equipped to defend its neutrality and promote peace and stability in the region.  Moldova also exports security by providing forces to international peacekeeping operations using the training and equipment provided by the American people.  We are proud to partner with Moldova for a more democratic, secure, and prosperous future.

Thank you.

Equipment Delivery Ceremony