Citizen Information and Service Center opened in Singerei

Group of people standing. (Photo Credit: State Department)Today, March 13, 2015, the Town of Singerei, with support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) opened its Citizen Information and Service Center (CISC). This center was established to improve the quality of information and public services provided by the local authorities through a “one-stop-shop” access point.  It will contribute to a greater transparency of town activities, reduce opportunities for corruption, improve accessibility to public services, and minimize costs for both the town and its citizens.

U.S. Ambassador James D. Pettit congratulated the citizens of Singerei and noted that “The United States has been working with local governments throughout Moldova to build their capacity to better serve their constituents. Singerei is a great example and testament to the progress we’ve achieved together. With the opening of this Center, public services provided by the local authorities will be accessible in one place. I am confident that this new initiative will improve services for all of the citizens of Singerei.”

The mayor of Singerei thanked the American people and stated that “Following the capacity building program that Singerei greatly benefitted from, the donation of the grader that helped us see immediate service improvements this winter, USAID is now here to help us open our Citizen Information and Service Center. We are thankful to the American people. With their support the citizens of Singerei will have access to timely and accurate information in one single place, receive services and permits in less time, and be listened and answered to in a more efficient manner.”

The CISC in Singerei is the second of three centers opening in Moldova with USAID support. A similar center was opened in Taraclia in February 2015 and one more will be opened in Orhei on March 19, 2015. These three centers will serve as models for other towns to replicate and support the ongoing modernization and improvement of local public services.

The USAID Local Government Support Project (LGSP) is a four-year, USAID-funded activity to assist local governments to design and implement policies and procedures that contribute to good governance, develop local capacity to meet decentralized authorities and responsibilities for services in a transparent manner, and provide basic services that spur the growth of local economies and make services more cost effective and efficient. Additional information about USAID programs can be found on