Demonstrations Message for U.S. Citizens: Demonstrations

The Grand National Assembly Council announced that on Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 13:00, large protests will take place in Chisinau, Hincesti, Balti, Soroca, Orhei, Cahul, Ungheni and Causeni.  Protesters and tent cities remain in place on the Main Square, Parliament and in front of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Regional Security Office has no information that these demonstrations will be violent and there have been no calls for violence. However, as with any large gathering of people, there is always the potential for violence and increased criminal activity.

Mission personnel and their families are reminded that in general and as a good security practice it is best to avoid large public marches and demonstrations. Additionally, personnel should monitor cell phones and other communications for updated security information and advice, ensure their emergency radios are charged and functioning and that family members know how to operate them in the event of an emergency and/or loss of other communications. If you have any questions about this Security Announcement, please contact the Regional Security Office.