Funding Opportunities (Grants)

The purpose of the Media Program is to strengthen independent media and to develop the local production capacity in Moldova in the interest of plurality of views, editorial independence, and the development of good quality local creative and informational content.

Program: Media Grants Program for 2018
The U.S. Mission to Moldova seeks to strengthen independent media and the development of the local production capacity in the Republic of Moldova in the interests of plurality of views, editorial independence, and the development of good quality local creative and informational content. We invite interested parties to submit project proposals for funding consideration.  All submissions in response to this announcement are voluntary and do not obligate the Department of State to fund any proposal or proposal preparation costs.

The proposed projects have to correspond to one or more of the following priorities:

  1. Support independent news and information media (TV, newspaper) outlets who are committed to factual and thorough reporting on issues relevant to Moldova’s economic and political development;
  2. Support and build local production capacity to ensure good quality content for media organizations and creative industry development;
  3. Develop and strengthen media outlets on the regional and local level in the Republic of Moldova;
  4. Develop the next generation of Moldovan journalists and media professionals through training and development of creative communities;
  5. Support innovative approaches to using technology and media to more effectively inform Moldovan audiences on issues relevant to Moldova’s economic and political development;
  6. Develop institutional capacity to move the Moldovan media industry toward self-sufficiency and international competitiveness.

Please submit a general proposal containing an executive summary (250 words maximum) and the proposed budget for your initiative, within the body of the email to with the topic: “Application for Media Grants Program.”  Do not submit a full proposal unless instructed to do so after we have reviewed your executive summary.

All interested entities and individuals are advised to apply early. Applications for this funding opportunity will be accepted any time until August 01, 2018.

The submitted applications will be reviewed on a periodical basis by a Grant Review Panel (see details in the announcement) upon announced deadlines. All applicants will be notified about the selection process.

First round of applications:

  • Deadline for summary submission: February 22;
  • Deadline for full application package: February 28.

Full announcement details: (PDF 287 KB)

Application package:


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