Speakers Programs

The U.S. Embassy sponsors the U.S. Speaker Program that brings American experts and specialists to share their knowledge with Moldovan audiences.  Speakers may travel from the U.S., or they may be American officials, teachers, students, or others already living and working in Moldova.

The U.S. Speaker Program promotes an understanding of U.S. policies and institutions and the political, economic, social, and cultural context from which they arise. PAS Chisinau invites proposals for programs that engage speakers and experts from the United States in on-line or/and in-person programs including but not limited to: seminars, workshops, conferences, and media engagements. The program should build and consolidate knowledge and skills essential to the development of communities in Moldova.

American diplomats can also participate in public events that take place around Moldova, to interact with local communities and regional media. If you would like to apply for a speaker program, please follow the embassy page for a funding opportunity announcement.