Speakers Programs

The U.S. Embassy sponsors different speakers programs that bring American experts and specialists to share their knowledge with Moldovan audiences.  Speakers may travel from the U.S., or they may be American officials, teachers, students, or others already living and working in Moldova.

The U.S. Mission Speakers Program will arrange for an American diplomat to come and speak at your school, university, or professional or community group. The goal of the program is to offer audiences in Moldova the opportunity to develop a better understanding of American culture and values, and allow them to meet Americans who are here in Moldova. Themes of speeches and presentations may include American culture, sports, history, traditions, economy and trade, foreign policy, and U.S. international relations, in addition to other topics of interest.

American diplomats can also participate in public events that take place around Moldova, to interact with local communities and regional media. If you would like to request a speaker from the Mission Speakers Program, please contact us at: speakersmoldova@state.gov