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On this page you will be able to find solicitations issued by the Embassy for the acquisition of commodities and/or services.

PRESOLICITATION NOTICE: English Classes for LES 2023-2028 y.


This is a Pre-Solicitation Notice only. All interested offerers are requested to read the below requirements. No responses are requested by this notice. The U.S. Embassy Chisinau issued this notice with the intent of giving an opportunity to all interested parties to appropriately prepare for the anticipated Request for Quotation (RFQ).

This is not a request for quotation; this is for pre-solicitation / informational purposes only. No award will be made on the basis of responses received to this notice


The U.S. Embassy Chisinau has a requirement for schools that are interested in providing offers for the English classes for LES services for U.S. Embassy Chisinau.


The Contractor upon being awarded the contract shall provide services as described herein to meet the mission requirements of the U.S. Embassy Chisinau.

Accordingly, the U.S. Embassy Chisinau plans the issuance of the following solicitation (RFQ):

  1. RFQ Title: English Classes for U.S. Embassy in Chisinau.
  2. RFQ issuance date: Early September 2023.
  3. RFQ issuance method: The solicitation will be posted on the website of the U.S. Embassy Chisinau, Moldova, The awardee will be required to speak, write and correspond in English language.
  4. RFQ response date: In late September 2023.
  5. Award date: To be determined.
  6. Award procedures: In accordance with FAR 15.3 Source Selection.
  7. Place of performance: Chisinau, Moldova.
  8. Special contract requirements:

The Contractor shall possess all permits, licenses, and any other appointments required for the prosecution of work under this contract.

Please note that the requirement to obtain a Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance premium cost for the covering employees, a DUNS number and for your company to be SAM registered will be a mandatory requirement prior to contract award.

The failure to provide the above documentation when submitting your quotation may result in your quotation being found technically unacceptable and removed from the competition without further discussions.

The Contractor shall possess all permits, licenses, and any other appointments required for the prosecution of work under this contract.

The US Embassy Chisinau, Moldova has a need to procure Gasoline and Diesel Fuel for the GOVs and Generators.

Interested companies should call Procurement at the General Services Office. Tel.: (22) 408-300 or by email:

Request for Quotations (RFQ) Number 19MD7023Q0001 LE Staff English Program for US Embassy in Chisinau (Deadline – September 21, 2023)

The Embassy of the United States America in Chisinau is soliciting quotations for a qualified contractor to deliver LE Staff English Language Program services to Embassy’s compound.

Proposals are due on or before 5 PM Chisinau time on September 21st, 2023. Proposals submitted after the specified deadline will not be considered.

Please see the Attached Solicitation and SF-1449 for additional details and proposal submittal instructions.

Please read the RFQ carefully, and if you are interested, submit your quotation. Return the completed SF-1449 to the address shown in Block 15 of the SF-1449 by September 21st at 5 pm. Oral quotations will not be accepted.

This opportunity allows for electronic responses. Please submit your offer prior to the response data and time to