Contract Opportunities – Bids

Welcome to the Contract Opportunities Section!

On this page you will be able to find solicitations issued by the Embassy for the acquisition of commodities and/or services.

Dear Prospective Quoter:

SUBJECT:  Request for Quotations Number RFQ19MD7019Q0003 English Classes for Moldovan Law Enforcement Officials (PDF 589 KB)

The Embassy of the United States of America invites you to submit a quotation for language training services at Embassy of the United States of America in Chisinau, Moldova.

Your quotation must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Quotation Enclosed” to the Mark JorgensenChisinau, 103 Alexei Mateevici str. or/and to email:

On/or before: 5 pm on February 22th, 2019

In order for a quotation to be considered, you must also complete and submit the following:

  • Item #1   Pricing           SF- 1449, Block 20, 23 & 24  (PDF 141 KB)
  • Item # 2  Section 3       Solicitation Provisions
  • Item # 3  Section 5       Offeror Representation and Certifications

Direct any questions regarding this request for quotations to Dehterenco Natalia by letter  or by telephone +373 22 40 83 00 during regular business hours.

Mark Jorgensen
Contracting Officer

The US Embassy Chisinau, Moldova has a need to procure Gasoline and Diesel Fuel for the GOVs and Generators.

Interested companies should call Procurement at the General Services Office. Tel.: (22) 408-300 or by email:

Dear Prospective Quoter:

SUBJECT: Request for Quotation RFQ 19MD7019Q0002 Warehouse CES (PDF 414 KB)

The Embassy has a requirement for a firm to repair and refinish WH. This contraction effort is estimated under $30 000.00 and needs to be completed in 30th working days, in the district of Chisinau, Moldova.

This work requires providing all labor and materials for repair and refinish a room 14 sq.m large with 4.2 m ceiling, finish walls with steel floor to ceiling, demolish to partition walls install new one and replace two doors with hardline doors. New toilet and shower with boiler will be installed in bathroom. Work should be done in accordance to the details, specifications and drawings developed in project nr. XJF10089.  Additional details of the project are outlined in the main solicitation document.

All firms that respond to the solicitation must be technically qualified and financially responsible to perform the work. At a minimum, each offeror must meet the following requirements when submitting their proposal:

  • Be able to understand written and spoken English;
  • Have an established business with a permanent address and telephone listing;
  • Have the necessary personnel, equipment and financial resources available to perform the work;
  • Have all licenses and permits required by local law;
  • Must provide DUNS number and be registered in SAM.

To request a DUNS number call D&B at the toll free number 1-866-705-5711 or register online at D&B registration web page.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 4.11 requires that contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAMdatabase prior to be awarded a contract. Detailed information about SAM is available online at

For SAM help, please go to the Federal Service Desk website

  • Meet all local insurance requirements and provide DBA insurance policy
  • DBA insurance must be purchased from a Department of Labor (DOL) approved insurance carrier at:
  • Have the ability to obtain a performance and guarantee bond and a payment bond, or to post adequate performance security, such as irrevocable letters of credit or guarantees issued by a reputable financial institution;
  • Have no adverse criminal record;
  • Have no political or business affiliation, which could be considered contrary to the interests of the United States;
  • Have good experience and past performance records; and,
  • Identify specialized experience and technical competence required to complete the construction work in accordance with this solicitation.

If a firm is interested in competing for this requirement, please provide a written request for a copy of the solicitation documents to the U.S. Embassy Chisinau, by emailing to on/or before 5 pm on 15 February 2019.