Other Government Agencies in in Moldova

  • USAID – Since declaring independence following the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Moldova has made great progress toward becoming a strong, independent, and market-oriented democracy. USAID launched an assistance program in Moldova in 1992 to support this transition – establishing health and social safety net programs, fostering democratic processes, and helping to restructure and privatize key industries to jump-start economic growth.USAID mission in Moldova is to partner to end extreme poverty and to promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing our security and prosperity. Building upon a successful 20-year partnership with Moldovans, USAID provides assistance to strengthen Moldova’s democratic governance and economic growth.  Since 1992, the American people have invested more than $1 billion in Moldova through U.S. Government assistance programs.As the poorest country in Europe (based on per capita Gross National Income), Moldova faces many challenges, such as endemic corruption, excessive migration, a remittance-reliant economy, energy dependency and inefficiency, and deteriorating infrastructure. USAID works closely with international donors as well as with other U.S. Government agencies, such as the Millennium Challenge Corporation, to help Moldova implement lasting democratic and economic reforms that will improve living standards for all Moldovans.The United States is assisting Moldova to consolidate democratic institutions, rebuild a struggling economy, improve the business environment, strengthen the rule of law, and address the frozen conflict in Transnistria. USAID partners with Moldova to improve government effectiveness and accountability, and promote decentralization of the government and strengthen linkages between local governments and citizens to increase citizen engagement in the governance process. USAID is also helping Moldova address regulatory and policy-level challenges to sustain and accelerate economic growth. To increase Moldova’s ability to compete regionally, USAID targets assistance at the country’s most promising economic sectors; which will help create economic opportunities that will raise incomes, promote job growth, and improve living standards.
  • Peace Corps – In 1993, the government of Moldova invited Peace Corps to open a program in Moldova. The Peace Corps’ first assignment was to help expand the English-teaching capacity of Moldovan educators. Government representatives believed that well-developed English language skills would help Moldovans participate in the international community and global economy by helping them gain access to a wealth of information, resources, and markets. Current English education Volunteers also incorporate environmental issues into the curriculum.Recently, Peace Corps Moldova has added projects in community and organizational development, agribusiness and rural business development, and health education to assist the Moldovan government in addressing the country‘s economic and social development needs. Currently, Peace Corps Volunteers are working in about 100 towns and villages throughout the country. Since the program‘s inception, almost 1,000 Volunteers have served in Moldova.