Foreign National Student Intern Program 2022

United States Embassy Chisinau, Moldova

Foreign National Student Intern Program

2022 Internship Announcement

The U.S. Embassy in Chisinau, Moldova is offering one internship opportunity to students from the Republic of Moldova.  The following internship position is available: Political/Economic Intern.  A detailed description of the internship position is provided on page two.

Internship Dates: The 2022 student internship program will run from April 1 through May 31, 2022.  The dates and duration of the internship are flexible and may range from four to eight weeks depending on the university schedule, student’s availability, and the needs of the Embassy.  The intern’s work schedule may vary, but is predominately part-time.  Due to the pandemic situation, most activity will be virtual.  However, weekly in-person attendance to staff meetings is expected, when scheduled. 

Eligibility: To be eligible to participate in the Foreign National Student Intern Program (FNSIP), applicants must meet ALL of the following requirements: 

Minimum age: Students must be at least 18 years old at the time of participation in the program.

Citizenship/legal residence: The FNSIP is only open to students who are either citizens or permanent legal residents of the Republic of Moldova.

Meet definition of student: Applicants must have completed secondary education and be enrolled in a trade school, technical or vocational institute, college, university, or other accredited educational institution.  

Transcript and permission: Applicants must be in good academic standing at their current educational institution and must provide a certified transcript verifying this.  Applicants must also provide written permission from the educational institution at which they are currently enrolled to participate in the FNSIP.

Security certification: Selected applicants must be able to receive a successful security certification from the Embassy prior to beginning the program.

Compensation: Internships under FNSIP are not compensated.  Any student participating in the program is not an employee of the U.S. Embassy, the U.S. Department of State, or the United States Government. 

How to apply: Interested applicants must submit the below listed documents to the Embassy’s Human Resources Office at Chisinauinterns@state.govPlease include “FNSIP” and “Political/Economic Intern” in the subject line.  The following documents are required:

  1. Statement of interest (download form) (.docx 38 KB)
  2. Gratuitous Service Agreement (download form) (.docx 20 KB)
  3. Official transcripts illustrating good academic standing
  4. Written permission from the educational institution

Next Steps: Shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email or phone and will be invited for an interview.    

Contact Information: For questions or additional information please contact the U.S. Embassy’s Human Resources Office at

Deadline for Applications: February 25, 2022

Available Internship Position

Political/Economic Intern

Major duties and projects: The Political/Economic intern will assist in conducting research, drafting background papers, providing translation, and taking notes during on-line or in-person meetings as needed. 

Qualification requirements: Students in the following areas of study can apply for this internship: International Affairs, Economics, Political Science, Law.  The intern must have the following knowledge and skills: knowledge of Moldova’s political, economic, and social structure, institutions, and political parties; ability to research and prepare factual and analytical reports; strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills; proficiency with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook).

Level of English required: Level 3, Good working knowledge (conversations about familiar topics, complex documents).

Additional Information: The Political/Economic Office (POL/ECON) analyzes political, social, and economic developments within the host country and the region.  Meets with foreign government officials and representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations to promote U.S. interests and make recommendations on U.S. foreign policy.