Joint statement by the European Union, the Netherlands and the United States on Pre-vetting

February 7, 2023

The European Union, the Netherlands, and the United States welcome the conclusion of the first stage of the pre-vetting of 28 judicial candidates for positions in the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM).

In the next stage, the Pre-Vetting Commission will focus on evaluating an additional nine non-judge candidates for the positions of SCM members, submitted by the Parliament.

The Pre-Vetting Commission’s activity is conducted with the support of the Commission’s Secretariat consisting of analysts and legal experts who contribute to the evaluation process.

The work of the Commission and the Secretariat is part of a larger donor community assistance to the pre-vetting exercise in Moldova, which includes the U.S. Embassy, the European Union Delegation, the Embassy of the Netherlands, as well as the World Bank.

The European Union, the Netherlands, and the United States support the reform of the Moldovan justice sector in order to contribute to the consolidation of the rule of law and promotion of democratic values.