Joint Statement on Strategic Dialogue Relaunch

On June 23 2017, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Andrei Galbur, and U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Bridget Brink, met in Chisinau to relaunch the U.S.-Republic of Moldova Strategic Dialogue with a principals’ meeting.

The leaders recognized the achievements made since the inaugural Strategic Dialogue in March 2014 in advancing our two countries’ shared interests.

The parties committed to continue to broaden and deepen the U.S.-Republic of Moldova partnership in four strategic areas – democracy and good governance, including anti-corruption; energy independence; economic and financial development; and security cooperation.

The officials reaffirmed the importance of reforming the justice sector to improve the Republic of Moldova’s democracy and economy, continuing efforts to fight corruption by implementing the integrity laws passed in 2016, and redoubling efforts to fight trafficking in persons.  With regard to the proposed changes to the Electoral Code, the sides underscored that the implementation of the Venice Commission recommendations is crucial in the process of adjusting the electoral legislation.

The sides acknowledged the importance of energy diversification to guarantee the Republic of Moldova’s energy independence and security.

Turning to economic and financial development, both agreed on the need to keep the IMF program on track by continuing banking sector reforms as well as ensuring that the perpetrators of the banking fraud are brought to justice.  Finally, on security cooperation they reaffirmed the importance of strong bilateral military relations as a means to bolster regional security and cooperation.

Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur and Deputy Assistant Secretary Bridget Brink also highlighted the shared interests and values between the United States and the Republic of Moldova that form the basis for this strategic partnership between the two countries, notably: democracy, pluralism, tolerance, openness, and a respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Following the meeting, joint working groups will advance the agenda items discussed at the Strategic Dialogue.

The Strategic Dialogue presents an opportunity for both the Republic of Moldova and the United States to discuss at a senior level a variety of issues and perspectives across the bilateral relationship, and evaluate their policy implications for our countries.