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Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Transnistrian Refugee Movement Protests

Moldovan police have informed U.S. Embassy Chisinau that the Transnistrian Refugee Movement is authorized to protest against bureaucracy and corruption in state institutions from October 4 until December 14.  Up to 200 people are authorized to protest at City Hall, Main Square, Parliament, State Residency, Ministry of Interior, Supreme Court of Justice, and the U.S. ...
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Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Recent Events and Continued Heightened Tensions in Ukraine

Due to recent events and continued heightened tensions in Ukraine, the U.S. Embassy reminds U.S. Citizens living in Moldova to practice good personal security habits at all times.  As of February 21, 2014, and until further notice, the Embassy has restricted travel to Ukraine by all U.S. government employees and dependents under Chief of Mission ...
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Security Message for U.S. Citizens: EU Association Agreement Protests

The U.S. Embassy in Chisinau informs U.S. citizens of possible protests throughout Chisinau and the country related to the signing of the Moldovan and European Union Association Agreement, which takes place on June 27, 2014.  Though none of the protests appear to be specifically anti-American, the Embassy would like to advise U.S. citizens living in ...
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