Notice of Funding Opportunity For a Series of Alumni Events

The purpose of this announcement is to inform interested parties about funding opportunities through a cooperative agreement.

According to U.S. Embassy data there are currently over 4500 Moldovan alumni of U.S. government-sponsored programs, out of which at least 2000 reside in Moldova. The fact that these alumni live in various towns and villages, are of different ages, come from different backgrounds and have different experiences makes networking and exchange of best practices difficult. There is, therefore, a need for events that would provide alumni with a platform and an opportunity to share their success, exchange best practices, and strengthen their networks.

The implementing organization will work closely with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to develop a plan for series of events that will opportunities for alumni to network in both professional and non-professional settings.

The Alumni Events program will provide a qualified organization funding to implement at least 4 big and 6 small events (total of 10) over the course of 24 months.  The purpose of the events is for alumni of different U.S. government-sponsored programs, fields and generations to have the opportunity to network and exchange best practices. Proposals should include both professional development workshops and recreational events.

Deadline: August 6, 2017, 23:59, Moldova Time

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