U.S. Embassy Hosts Film Viewing and Discussion of Film Project Beautiful Corruption

OViewing and Discussion of Film Project Beautiful Corruptionctober 19, 2016 – The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Chisinau hosted a group of media and NGO representatives to a viewing and discussion of Beautiful Corruption, a short film by Eugen Damaschin.

The three-minute film provides a uniquely Moldovan view of corruption and how it affects the everyday life of residents of Moldova.  The project is fulfilled with the financial support of the U.S. Government.
Filmmaker Eugen Damaschin explained that “the main purpose of the project is to show people the entire cycle of corruption and how it affects people’s lives. The trailer is conceived as a mirror of Moldovan society. Some people may like what they see in the mirror and live as they used to, and some may not – and change something after seeing it”.

As Embassy Spokesperson Jed Wolfington noted “This project is part of our larger effort to support freedom of expression in Moldova. The United States has a deep tradition of turning to the creative community – filmmakers, photographers, and writers – to address important social and political issues of our time.”

For more information on the Beautiful Corruption project, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/BeautifulCorruptionFilm/?fref=ts