The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX)

The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program offers high school students (15-17 years) an opportunity to learn about the people and culture of the United States through international exchange while attending a U.S. high school and living with a U.S. host family.

  • The applicants must have citizenship and live permanently in the Republic of Moldova (permanent residents of the Transnistrian region may be considered regardless of citizenship)

The FLEX program aims to promote respect for cultural diversity, provide opportunities for personal development and engage in community service, as well as improve mutual understanding between our countries by allowing young citizens of Eurasia to have the opportunity to observe and experience the U.S. way of life for an academic year, as well as help, teach Americans about their own countries and cultures. The FLEX program is supported at the local level by U.S. citizens and local secondary schools that voluntarily host, educate, and support students with no financial compensation.

The program is usually announced in August.

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