Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Your new baby needs a first passport, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (similar to a birth certificate) and a Social Security number. Please make sure you bring all necessary items as well as make an appointment before coming to the Embassy with your child. To register for an appointment, please go to We encourage you to start this process as soon as possible after your child is born. In the case of urgent, unexpected travel, your child will need a passport. In addition, you may need to secure a Moldovan visa or residence permit for your child, which also requires a passport.

What you’ll need:

  • Your Child! We cannot issue any citizenship documents if your child is not present at the appointment.
  • Both parents or a notarized consent form from the non-appearing parent. To access the consent form, please go to
  • Mom’s and Dad’s passports (or government issued ID with original birth certificates – no copies)
  • Proof of child’s birth (original Moldovan birth certificate)
  • Proof of parent’s marriage (original marriage certificate)
  • Proof of termination of all prior marriages of parents
  • Photo of the child (2″ x 2″ (5 cm x 5 cm)on white background)
  • Evidence of U.S. citizen parent’s physical presence in the U.S. (if applicable)
  • Please go to for a list of fees and forms used for passport applications.

All documents must be originals. We will return the original documents to you the same day, but we do need to see them. All documents not in English, Romanian, or Russian must be translated.

You can prove your citizenship with your U.S. passport. If you don’t have a U.S. passport, you can bring an official birth certificate, naturalization/citizenship certificate, or a Consular report of birth abroad.

To learn how to obtain vital records, go to

  • Proof of Child’s Birth:

Parents must present an original Moldovan birth certificate. The birth certificate must include the child’s and parents’ full names, the date and place of birth, and stamp of the official who certified the document. All documents not in English, Romanian, or Russian must be translated.

  • Proof of Parents’ Marriage:

You’ll need to bring your original marriage certificate. We may ask for some additional documents if your child was born out-of-wedlock, or within six months of your marriage.

  • Proof of Termination of All Prior Marriages of Parents:

Please bring any and all original official divorce or death certificates for both parents.

Forms Needed for Application for a Consular Report of Birth (DS-2029):

  • Passport Application (DS-11): Submit a copy of Form DS-11, found on Though the instructions for world-wide use say only 8.5″ x 11″ paper is acceptable, we can accept A4 sized copies if you print it out at home. You may also wish to use the Passport Wizard, which can be found at Unfortunately, at this time, our on-line passport application forms do not support emergency contact addresses outside the U.S.  Please complete the form using a U.S. emergency contact, or add your overseas emergency contact information by hand after printing the form.

Parents can consent in one of two ways:

  1. Both parents can come to the Embassy with their passports and sign together, in person
  2. One parent may sign in person and the other parent give his/her consent through a written affidavit, or notarial. This means that one parent signs and submits the second parent’s signed consent. To download the affidavit form, go to The form must be notarized. For “questions and answers” go to We accept notarials done in Moldova or on US military bases. Notarials for this purpose can be done at no charge at the Embassy. All notarized statements must be in English. A faxed copy of the notarized consent form is acceptable.

Note: the parent who signs in person will need to still have a copy of the non-present parent’s passport with him/her. We need to see the original passport of at least one American citizen parent.

  • Social Security Number Application (SS-5): Please download and complete form SS-5-FS found on (PDF 122 KB). DO NOT send it to Social Security; instead, for everyone except U.S. military personnel, submit the completed form to the Embassy along with the other forms and documents needed for your child’s report of birth and first U.S. passport.  U.S. military parents must apply separately for a Social Security Number, through designated military channels, not through the Embassy.

Other Necessary Items

  • Personal Appearance of Your Child: Your child, even a newborn, must appear in person at our offices at the time you make the application.

Evidence of U.S. Citizen Parent’s Physical Presence in the U.S.: In some situations, how long one or both American parents lived in the U.S. can affect your child’s acquisition of citizenship. Please go to if you would like to find out more information. If you believe this may affect your child’s application, it may be in your best interest to bring in work, social security, tax, school or other records to prove that your child qualifies for citizenship, as required by the law.


Once we have everything we need, processing time for a passport is normally about seven to ten days. However, because computers break, unexpected events happen, and mail delivery is sometimes late, please allow plenty of time before you plan to travel. It is better to begin the process earlier.

You can collect the new passport and Consular Report of Birth Abroad at the Embassy. Your child’s Social Security card will be sent to you directly by the Social Security Administration. Please allow three to six months for the card to arrive.

Does your child have at least one Moldovan parent? If so, he or she may qualify for Moldovan citizenship. A U.S. Citizen must use his or her U.S. passport to enter and exit the United States, even if he or she has dual citizenship.

The Moldovan passport may have to be used when entering or exiting Moldova.

If your child was born abroad you will need to complete the Report of Birth process abroad; it cannot be done in the United States.  If your child was born in Moldova, the processing must be done in Moldova.

While you can file the documents at another U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad, that office is required to send them to us in Moldova for processing. This will take extra time, so it is best to complete the entire procedure while you are still in Moldova.

Additional copies of the Consular Report of Birth Abroad are available from the Department of State only; no records are kept at the Embassy in Chisinau.