• A routine renewal of a ten (10) year adult passport is 110 USD;
  • A routine renewal of a five (5) year minor passport (for those under age 16) is 115 USD;
  • A lost, stolen or mutilated passport replacement is 145 USD for adults and 115 USD for minors;
  • A first-time adult passport is 145 USD and a first-time passport for minors (under age 16) is 115 USD;
  • A first-time adult passport card is 65 USD;
  • An adult passport card renewal is 30 USD;
  • A passport card for a minor (under age 16) is 50 USD; or 15 USD when applied for along with a passport renewal

For a list of fees and forms, go https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/information/fees.html. We accept the payments in U.S. Dollars or Moldovan Lei, via cash or credit card.