USAID will support Moldova in strengthening and diversifying its energy sector

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Moldova will collaborate to advance Moldova’s energy security through the USAID Moldova Energy Security Activity (MESA).  Through MESA, USAID will invest $17 million over the next four years to help strengthen and diversify Moldova’s energy sector, building long-term energy security that supports Moldova’s sovereignty.

The Moldova Energy Security Activity’s key objectives include: 

  • Improve physical and market integration of Moldova’s energy system with Europe. Connecting Moldova’s electricity system to the European grid is an important first step that will help create an open electricity market with neighboring countries and support fair and competitive procurement of cleaner energy. 
  • Increase renewable energy integration and enhance climate change resilience. Supporting Moldova’s efforts to develop and implement long-term energy sector plans and strategies will accelerate progress to promote security,reliability and achieve national climate and environment goals. 
  • Attract investment in domestic power generation and energy efficiency. Working with utility companies and policymakers to set achievable targets and identify sites for renewable energy projects will encourage investors to build renewable energy projects that provide business and economic opportunities for Moldova. 

USAID is supporting the Government of Moldova to improve the country’s energy security and to harness a new and cleaner energy supply—including from Moldova’s own renewable resources like solar and wind.

Intended results of the Moldova Energy Security Activity include: 

  • Development and adoption of national strategies and policies that strengthen energy security
  • Establishment of an independent electricity market operator in line with European energy standards and international best practice 
  • Increased investment in clean energy 
  • Increased domestic renewable energy generation to power homes and businesses
  • Savings of up to 6 kilotonnes of oil equivalent (ktoe) through energy efficiency enhancements at industrial, commercial, and residential levels 

The Moldova Energy Security Activity builds on previous USAID technical assistance to bolster the government’s efforts to diversify energy supply sources.These previous efforts include support for construction of the Ungheni-Chisinau pipeline that already provides an alternative to Russian natural gas by connecting the Moldovan gas transportation system to Romania and Europe. 

The four-year Moldova Energy Security Activity is implemented by Tetra Tech ES, Inc., with local and international subconsultants.