Welcome to the 11th edition of the American Film Festival in Chisinau!

The U.S. Embassy is very happy to invite movie lovers and the general public to the yearly American Film Festival. This year’s film festival honors our common heritage.  The 14 movies featured in this year’s lineup, most of which have been awarded Oscars, include a variety of stories, some based on important events and inspiring individuals in our shared past, and some exploring universal truths we all hold dear.

We’re very excited at the opportunity to meet again and offer the general public of all ages and backgrounds an unforgettable week of American, European and co-produced films. Join us as we relive the story of Moses, watch Mozart as he writes and performs his most famous works, take part in the 1924 Olympics, and race the Nazis in a fast-paced search for the Holy Grail.

Please join us at the Odeon Cultural Center on April 26-May 1.